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LEGAL: All materials are copyright © Hyundai. They originated from As a Hyundai owner, I found the official interface too tedious and incompatible with mainstream browsers (Firefox, Chrome, Safari browsers). Since the files are provided by Hyundai with the knowledge that they are cached by the browser (and can be viewed directly in the cache), I felt it was "fair use" to organize these files into a simpler (more compatible) interface. I have made this available to other Hyundai owners for only the same "fair use" purpose, and under the same principle -- that these same files would be cached on their system if they viewed the manuals directly.

These materials are for non-commercial, personal "fair use" by Hyundai owners. These materials are not gauranteed to be up-to-date. You should always check if you have any question about whether Hyundai has updated any technical information. I AM NOT RESPONSIBLE FOR ANY ERRORS IN THESE MATERIALS (INCLUDING MY OWN ERRORS ORGANIZING THE MATERIALS).

CHANGES: 2013-May-22: Fixed a problem with the order of the top-level categories. These should have appeared in the same order as the do on hyundaitechinfo. But, a logic error caused files created before this date to have top-level categories in random order. There was no problem with data integrity. Just the visual order of the top-level categories.

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