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Purpose, Function

• Front seat backs in which the suspension mats are integrated have been adopted to reduce the load on the occupants.
• Position memory seat have been adopted on the driver’s seat. (With position memory system) (See POSITION MEMORY SYSTEM [(US)].)
• 10WAY power seats have been adopted on the driver’s seat. (With power seat system) (See POWER SEAT SYSTEM [(US)].)
• A seat warmer system has been adopted on the front seat backs and front seat cushion. (With seat warmer system) (See SEAT WARMER SYSTEM [(US)].)

Construction, Operation

• To reduce impact force applied to the head of the occupant in a vehicle collision, the rigidity of the pole guides has been improved and the head restraints have been set so that they tilt forward.
• To control the backward lean of the front seat back when the occupant’s body is pushed backward in a vehicle collision, the rigidity has been improved by placing the front seat lift mechanism on both sides of the front seat adjuster unit.

• Suspension mats have reduced the load on the occupant by supporting the occupant’s back over a wide area and distributing the pressure.