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• The driver monitoring (DM) detects an action state of the driver (looking away, drowsiness level) by the camera inside the vehicle. If the system determines dangerous driving, it ensures the driver safety by warning display and warning sound.

Structural View



• The driver monitoring (DM) detects the driver’s drowsiness level based on the driver’s eye information, and warns the driver.

Driver monitoring

• When the following conditions are all met, the system monitors the driver’s facial features continuously and calculates the driver looking away and drowsiness level at a certain interval.
― The driver monitoring camera recognize the driver correctly
― Vehicle speed calculated by the body control module (BCM), based on the wheel speed signals received using CAN communication from DSC HU/CM, is approx.5 km/h {3 mph} or more after 20 minutes have passed since the driver began driving the vehicle at approx. 5 km/h {3 mph} or more (Driver monitoring stops the monitoring for 3 minutes even if the vehicle speed returns to approx. 5 km/h {3 mph} after the vehicle stops.)

The calculation result about the driver looking away is used for the smart brake support (SBS).


• If the system determines the driver’s drowsiness could possibly cause a collision, it displays the alert with “Time for a Break“ message on the multi-information display and sound the warning by the Notification and Warning Speaker (Front).
• The warning is not activated for approx. 45 min after being activated (warning display : approx. 5 sec, warning sound : approx. 1 sec).

If the drowsiness level is very high, the warning may activated for approx. 15 min after being activated (warning display : approx. 5 sec, warning sound : approx. 1 sec).

Personalization feature

• The driver monitoring (DM) can be set to ON (enabled)/OFF (disabled) (initial setting is ON (enabled).For details on the personalization features, refer to the [PERSONALIZATION FEATURES]

System Wiring Diagram



1.The driver monitoring camera unit sends the driver’s eye information (1) to the connectivity master unit (CMU).

2.The connectivity master unit (CMU) calculate (2) the drowsiness level based on the driver’s eye information. If the CMU determines the necessity of warning, it sends the warning display request signal (3) to the instrument cluster and the warning sound request signal (3) to the body control module (BCM).

3.When the instrument cluster receives the warning display request signal, it displays the warning display on the multi-information display (4).

4.When the body control module (BCM) receives the warning sound request signal, it output the warning sound to the notification and warning speaker.