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2016 Mazda MX-5 – 0914-2c Door Lock System (With Advanced Keyless Entry System)

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2016 – Mazda MX-5 – Wiring Diagram

**0914-210 – Door Latch And Lock Actuator (RH) (DR2) **0914-211 – Door Latch And Lock Actuator (LH) (DR1) **0940-101B – BCM (R) **0940-103A – Start Stop Unit (Short Cord) **C-14 – Instrument Panel Harness (I)-Rear Harness (R) **C-18 – Instrument Panel Harness (I)-Short Cord **C-27 – Rear Harness (R)-Door No.1 Harness (DR1) **C-28 – Rear Harness (R)-Door No.2 Harness (DR2) **GND14 – Ground14