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2016 – MX-5 – Body and Accessories


  • If there is any vehicle malfunction complaint lodged by a customer, perform malfunction diagnosis according to the troubleshooting procedure. (See Troubleshooting Procedure.)

Troubleshooting Procedure


Action for Non-repeatable Malfunction

  • If the malfunction does not recur, verify the malfunction cause by performing the following actions:

    • Verify that a DTC has been recorded in the memory. (See DTC INSPECTION [BCM].)

    • Based on the repair order form, attempt to drive the vehicle or perform tests to replicate the malfunction, record the data at that time, and detect the malfunction cause.

    • Shake the wiring harness or connector of the electrical component which is suspected to be the cause of the malfunction, and inspect for malfunction or occurrence of any DTCs.

    • Inspect the female terminals on the connector of the electric component which is suspected to be the cause of the malfunction for poor connection.

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