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2016 – MX-5 – Multiplex Communication System


  • If there is any vehicle malfunction complaint lodged by a customer, perform malfunction diagnosis according to the troubleshooting procedure. (See Troubleshooting Procedure.)

Troubleshooting Procedure


Action for non-repeatable malfunction

  • If the malfunction does not recur, verify the malfunction cause by performing the following actions:

    • Based on the repair order form, attempt to drive the vehicle or perform tests to replicate the malfunction, record the data (such as CAN circuit voltage) at that time, and detect the malfunction cause.

    • Refer to [Determining Open Circuit Location] based on the recorded DTC, shake the wiring harness or connector of the electrical component which is suspected to be the cause of the malfunction, and inspect for any changes in CAN system voltage or occurrence of any DTCs.

    • Inspect the female terminals on the connector of the electric component which is suspected to be the cause of the malfunction for poor connection.

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