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2016 – MX-5 – Steering


1. Remove the snap pin from the tie-rod end.

2. Loosen the tie-rod end nut.

3. Using the SST, disconnect the steering knuckle and tie-rod end.

4. Remove the nut from the tie-rod end.

5. Place alignment marks as shown in the figure for proper installation.

6. Remove the tie-rod end.

7. Place alignment marks on the new tie-rod end in the same positions as the removed tie-rod end.

8. Align the marks that were made before removing the tie-rod end, and assemble the tie-rod end to the tie rod.

9. Verify that dimension A shown in the figure is within the specification.


  • 49.8—63.8 mm {1.97—2.51 in} (difference between left and right: 3 mm {0.1 in} or less)

  • If not within the specification, make adjustments so that dimension A is within the specification.

10. Install the tie-rod end to the steering knuckle.

11. Install the snap pin to the tie-rod end.

12. After installation, inspect the front wheel alignment and adjust it if necessary. (See FRONT WHEEL ALIGNMENT.)

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