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2016 – MX-5 – Transmission/Transaxle


ATF Level Inspection


  • The ATF level cannot be adjusted correctly if the ATF temperature is not within a normal range (57.5—62.5 °C {136—144 °F}). Always perform the servicing according to the adjustment procedure.

  • Remaining ATF may drip from the overflow tube even when the ATF level is less than the specified value, therefore careful determination is required.


  • An overflow-type SJ6A-EL automatic transmission has been adopted with an overflow tube installed to the oil pan for inspection of the ATF level. Therefore, no dipstick has been equipped.

1. Lift up the vehicle.

2. Remove the filler plug and O-ring.


  • Do not mistake the overflow plug for the drain plug.

3. Remove the overflow plug and the overflow plug gasket.

4. Fill with ATF from the filler plug hole until it starts flowing from the overflow orifice.

    ATF type

  • Mazda Genuine JWS3309

Supplemental ATF amount (approx. quantity)


Supplemental ATF amount

Procedure including ATF draining

  • Transmission replacement

  • Torque converter replacement

  • Oil cooler replacement

  • Control valve body replacement

  • TFT sensor replacement

Fill ATF to the specified amount (approx. quantity: 7.2 L {7.6 US qt, 6.3 Imp qt})

Procedure without ATF draining

  • Oil seal (extension housing) replacement

  • Fixing oil leakage or stains

Add small amount of ATF

5. Coat a new O-ring with ATF, and install it to the filler plug.


  • Replace the O-ring if it has malfunction.

    Tightening torque

  • 24—54 N·m {2.5—5.5 kgf·m, 18—39 ft·lbf}

6. Temporarily tighten the overflow plug.

7. Start the engine and warm it up by idling to increase the ATF temperature.


  • Perform the following procedure quickly, otherwise, the ATF temperature will exceed the proper range.

8. Shift to all positions, from the P position through the D position, taking 2 s or more for each position, and after repeating the procedure two times, shift to the P position again.

9. Verify that the ATF temperature is in the proper range (57.5—62.5 °C {136—144 °F}). (See ATF Temperature Verification.)

10. Remove the overflow plug and verify that the ATF is flowing from the overflow orifice with the transmission in park and engine idling.

  • If there is no ATF flowing, install the overflow plug after the engine is stopped, refill with ATF from the filler plug hole, and repeat the procedure from Step 7.

11. Wait until the ATF starts dripping from the overflow plug.


  • Always install the overflow plug gasket in the correct direction as shown in the figure.

12. If ATF dripping is verified, install a new overflow plug gasket and overflow plug.

    Tightening torque

  • 18—22 N·m {1.9—2.2 kgf·m, 14—16 ft·lbf}

13. Wipe off any ATF drips after tightening the overflow plug.

14. Lower the vehicle.

ATF Temperature Verification

Using the M-MDS

1. Connect the M-MDS to the vehicle DLC-2.

2. Inspect the ATF temperature using the PID/data monitor “TFT”.

3. Warm up the automatic transmission until the ATF temperature is 57.5—62.5 °C {136—144 °F}.

Using the automatic transmission warning light

1. Short the TFT check connector terminal A and B of the TCM.

2. Perform the following operations to activate the control for the oil level adjustment.

  • Continue the shifting operation from N to D, D to N within 1.5 s until the automatic transmission warning light turns on.


  • When adjusting the ATF level, refer to the following chart and verify the specified ATF temperature (57.5—62.5 °C {136—144 °F}).

Automatic transmission warning light illumination chart for ATF level adjustment

ATF condition

Time chart

ATF Temperature below 57.5 °C {136 °F}

  • ATF temperature is lower than ATF level adjustable temperature.

ATF Temperature 57.5—62.5 °C {136—144 °F}

  • ATF temperature is same ATF level adjustable temperature.

ATF Temperature above 62.5 °C {145 °F}

  • ATF temperature is higher than ATF level adjustable temperature.

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