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2016 – MX-5 – Suspension



  • The repair agent is harmful to humans. If the repair agent gets into the eyes or on the skin, wash immediately with a large amount of water. If you continue to experience abnormal symptoms, consult a doctor.


  • Be careful not to allow the repair agent to discharge from the inside of the tire. If repair agent has discharged, wipe it off using a rag.

  • Dispose of the extracted repair agent container and any other repair agent in which the period of use has expired in the same manner as oil or engine coolant.

  • For a tire which has been repaired using the emergency puncture repair kit, it is recommended that it be replaced with a new tire as the functionality may have decreased.

1. Remove the emergency-puncture-repaired wheel and tire from the vehicle.

2. Stand the wheel and tire up so that the valve is facing upward, remove the valve core, and let the air out of the tire completely.


  • Always wear protective eye wear when removing the valve core. Otherwise, dispersing repair agent could get into the eyes.


  • To prevent the repair agent from splattering, cover the valve with a rag when removing the valve core.

3. Cut the valve by the root and push the remaining part of the valve into the wheel and tire.

4. Stand the wheel and tire up and insert the hose through the valve installation hole and into the tire so that the hose end sinks into the repair agent.

5. Siphon the repair agent into the bottle by pumping the bottle.

6. Repeat the pumping procedure, changing the position of the hose end, until there is no repair agent left in the tire.

7. Remove the tire from the wheel and take out the valve pushed in at Step 3.

8. Wipe off the repair agent remaining on the tire and wheel using a rag.

9. Assemble the new valve to the wheel.


  • Do not reuse the valve and valve core with repair agent adhering as they may not function normally, and replace them with new ones.

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