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2016 – MX-5 – HVAC


Purpose, Function

  • The condenser cools the high temperature, high pressure gaseous refrigerant circulating internally using airflow from the exterior and changes it to low temperature, high pressure liquid refrigerant.


  • The condenser is positioned at the front of the radiator.

  • The condenser consists of the tube which passes refrigerant, and the heat radiation fin.

  • A multi-flow type (sub-cooling type) condenser has been adopted.

  • The multi-flow type (sub-cooling type) is integrated with the condenser and the receiver/drier.

  • The multi-flow type (sub-cooling type) separates the refrigerant, cooled once by the condenser, into vapor and liquid using the receiver/drier, and returns it to the sub-cooling part of the condenser again to cool it.

  • As a result, liquification of the refrigerant is promoted and cooling performance is improved.


  • For the condenser operation, refer to the [REFRIGERANT SYSTEM]. (See REFRIGERANT SYSTEM.)


  • Not applicable

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