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2016 – MX-5 – HVAC



  • The blower system intakes air from inside or outside of the vehicle, and sends air passing through the dust filter to the air dist unit.


  • The blower system sends air to the air dist unit by the blower motor.

  • The blower system switches the air intake port to FRESH or REC by opening/closing the air intake door.

Structural View

  • The blower system consists of the following parts.


1. When the ignition is switched ON (engine off or on), the BCM turns the blower relay on (1).


  • The BCM may stop the air conditioner system forcibly by turning off the blower relay due to the battery discharge suppression function.

2. When the blower relay turns on, the blower fan controller goes on operation standby (2). In addition, the climate control unit receives (3) a blower relay ON signal via the instrument cluster from the BCM.

3. When the climate control unit receives the blower relay ON signal and detects (4) any of the following signals, it sends (5) a blower speeds signal to the blower fan controller.

  • Airflow volume control dial operation signal (manual control)

  • Blower motor operation request signal (automatic control) by automatic control

4. The blower fan controller turns the power MOS FET on or off (6) based on the blower speed signal.

5. When the power MOS FET turns on, the blower motor circuit is established (7) and the blower motor rotates (8).

6. The power MOS FET repeatedly turns on or off at high speed to suppress the blower motor and control the rotation speed.

7. When the blower motor rotates, air is sent to the air dist unit. In addition, the air intake port switches to FRESH or REC by opening/closing the air intake door.

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