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2016 – MX-5 – Transmission/Transaxle



  • The gear position indicator illuminates while under manual shift control and displays the gear number while driving.


  • The gear position indicator is built into the instrument cluster.


  • The TCM sends a gear position indicator illumination/flash request signal to the instrument cluster based on the signal from the M position switch, the up switch and the down switch via the CAN.

  • If the shift down operation is inhibited during manual shift control, the TCM flashes the gear position indicator 2 times. As a result, the driver is notified that the shift down operation has been canceled.

  • If the ATF temperature is 132 °C {270 °F} or more while in manual shift control, the TCM turns the gear position indicator off and switches to automatic shift control to reduce the transmission load. When the ATF temperature is 122 °C {252 °F} or less for a specified time, manual shift control is enabled and the gear position indicator is re-illuminated.

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