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2016 – MX-5 – Suspension


  • An instant mobility system is equipped for temporary repair of a puncture.

  • Compared to equipping a spare tire, the vehicle weight is reduced and the fuel economy is improved.

  • The instant mobility system is located in trunk compartment and includes the following:

    • Repair agent

    • Repair agent filler hose

    • Air compressor

    • Tire valve core

    • Tire valve core tool

    • Instruction manual

    • Speed limit label

  • Because the instant mobility system requires less space compared to a spare tire, utility of the trunk compartment can be enhanced.


  • If the repair agent is injected into a tire using the air compressor, liquid rubber, one of the ingredients of the repair agent, soak into the punctured area and solidify, allowing temporal driving.

  • Use the accessory socket (DC12V) for the power source of the air compressor.


  • The expiration date of the repair agent is printed on the repair agent bottle. Do not use the repair agent if it has passed the expiration date.

  • When disposing of the repair agent, commission an industrial waste disposal contractor.

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